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Online shopping is the new way business is conducted, because of the ease of searching and buying products by customers.

Faster Speed & Secure Payment Transactions for Your Customers.

Fast payments generally do not propose a risk beyond those identified in retail payments. Any incremental risks associated with fast payments need to be appropriately and effectively mitigated.

E-Commerce Solutions We Offer

  • Develop a E-commerce business solution
  • Implement online payment transactions using
  • Add lead generator, e-gift certificate, e-coupon and e-booking API’s
  • Create a marketable business strategy according to products and services.
  • Execute on email marketing to ensure visitor traffic on portal & generate leads via email.
  • Develop projections using analytical tools to show business owners short and long term business goals.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for web promotions & Google page rankings through Social Media Management (SMM) on trusted social media platforms.
  • Provide monthly reports and support on a monthly basis to ensure businesses are meeting their sales targets.

Ecommerce Business Models

E-commerce has changed the way customers will be experiencing the new reality of how shopping for goods and services is being conducted. COVID-19 has subsequently reshaped the economy for digital transformation into the 4 business models.

B2C – Business to consumer

B2B – Business to business

C2B – Consumer to business

C2C – Consumer to consumer


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is promoting products or services through…

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